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Wheeltek Supports Ride Mo’To

Posted on: September 21, 2018

Ride Mo’To
by Jan Carlo De Leon

A lot of people nowadays experience grid locks, bad drivers and long lines at bus or jeep terminals due to the huge number of daily public vehicle commuters and car users which results to lost time, money and even health problems in the process. That is why switching to motorcycles is one of the best options people are eyeing nowadays with benefits you can’t count.

So in order to help out soon to be riders and riders as well, the 4 major Japanese brands namely Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha and with the participation of Wheeltek as one of its presenters, came up with a TV show for riders and soon to be riders called Ride Mo’To.

Ride Mo’To tackles all the nitty gritty of the motoring world. From what to consider for your first bike to what’s the coolest motorcycles in the market, bike news, and everything in between . Paolo Abrera hosts the show along with his side kick Prof M who collectively delivering the info in the most entertaining way.

Catch Ride Mo’To on ABSCBN Sports & Action channel every Mondays 6:30pm and in case you miss it, replays every Sunday 8:30am.