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Wheeltek Raising the bar at the Inside Racing Bike Fest 2019

Posted on: March 21, 2019

Wheeltek Raising the bar at the Inside Racing Bike Fest 2019
by Jan Carlo De Leon

Wheeltek has always supported the motorcycle community through never-ending activities in almost every motoring event in the country. During last year’s Inside Racing Bike Fest, Wheeltek went big! One of the highlights was showing superbikes which made everyone grab their cameras and take photos from all angles.

First displayed was the Honda RC213V, a street legal version of Honda’s MotoGp bike and only 4 in Asia and the only one in the country. This MotoGp street legal bike made heads turn as it rolled down the street. Next was the Kawasaki H2 Carbon – a turbo charged bike capable of unleashing speeds of up to 400 kilometers per hour. And the last pm display was the Suzuki Wheeltek Racing Team GSXR-1000R ridden by the fastest lady on the track – Lady Jacq Buncio.

So, to keep up with the tradition, Wheeltek has something big, or rather “high” in store for the motoring community during this year’s Inside Racing Bike Fest.

Expect a lot of cool freebies like #LETSRIDENA shirts, keychains, stickers and trucker caps to add to your collection. “Elevated” Bike discounts which everybody wanting and waiting to purchase a new bike will be given out because of course because everyone one knows that Inside Racing Bike Fest houses the biggest discount giving companies in just 3 days. So don’t let this slip away. Meet and greet celebrities and gorgeous models are there as well so make sure your cameras are fully charged to take some snaps (just be sure your wife or girlfriend approves). To make the Wheeltek booth more exciting, there will be fun games and cool prizes up for grabs for anyone brave enough to play. Lastly there will be forums or talks from various key persons in the motoring community sharing ideas and tips for everyone.

To keep updated with the details of all the happenings, what bikes will be on discount, who the celebrities and models will be, what hot topics will be discussed in the forums, what games will be played and what prizes will be given out and all the stuff that Wheeltek will be dishing out, be sure to Like & follow the Wheeltek Nationwide Official Facebook Page and find out why Wheeltek is calling this year’s booth “High Time”.

See you all there and #LETSRIDENA!