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What is the Wheeltek Sign?

Posted on: March 22, 2018

The Wheeltek Sign

Luis Manzano our official endorser doing the Wheeltek sign

What does a sign mean? It is a unifying gesture that tells others “I am part of a group”. In this case, the
Wheeltek 3 finger sign with the palm facing forward signifies unity among its workforce, its customers,
its allies, its friends and anyone who supports or patronizes the company. It is a sign of friendship. It is a
sign of camaraderie and unity among all riders.

Wheeltek and Friends doing the Wheeltek sign

So you will notice many pictures where people hold up the sign “W” with their fingers. Rest assured if
you find yourself in the company of these people as you take a break from a long ride, you are in good
company indeed. Those people are Wheeltek family.
Friendship has a new spelling. And it starts with “W”.