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TVS Todagsaan in Laguna

Posted on: February 10, 2018

2nd TVS Max4R TODAgsaan Challenge – Laguna

TVS is one of the newest motorcycle players to come into the country with its Apache 200 – a standard road
sporty motorcycle, and other variants as its flagship model. They also brought us the Max 125 Semi trail, the Neo
XR 125 and the RockZ 125 – all world class quality motorcycles that are affordable to all walks of life. But the
star of this story is the TVS Max4R – a 125cc business (tricycle) unit that is durable, strong and extremely capable
of handling tricycle or delivery duities and priced optimally for the budget of tricycle drivers.

TVS Todagsaan for the Toda Riders

Last February 9 in the city plaza of Calamba, Laguna, TVS along with the Wheeltek Laguna area sales team headed
by Area Manager Norvie Cabato held its second ever full day TODAgsaan Challenge where over 150 tricycle
drivers and some of their friends and families gathered for a unique and special series of activities. The drivers
were welcomed by a circuit layout very similar to what one would find at a gymkhana event, surrounded by tents
that offered different sub activities like motorcycle display and sales booths, a free haircut booth & free food
booth. The highlight of the day was at the center of the plaza. Drivers were given the chance to test ride the Max4R
attached to a side car around the track laid out with cones and ropes. They tested its manueverability thru tight
corners and bends. They experienced its smooth and comfortable power delivery thru short straights. And most
importantly, they tried the torque of the engine by riding up a 5 foot tall ramp unto the plaza stage where they were
given a certificate, a bag of rice and had their photos taken like a celebrity.

Toda riders testing the TVS Max4r
TVS Max4r steep descent
Are you brave enough to climb?

As an added treat, all drivers, their friends and family members present were also given a free safety seminar by
Dave Agbulos – a prominent safety riding instructor of the motorcycle club CODE-R SEALS, to improve their
driving experience through practical & defensive approaches to driving tricycles as well as keeping their
passengers delighted and safe in all their travels.
By the afternoon, participants praised the wonderful treat they were given stating that the Max4R was going to be
their next motorcycle of choice, that the Wheeltek staff were very attentive and hospitable, and that the circuit
challenge and safety seminar were both fun and interesting.

Participants received certificates and rice.
Free haircut for everyone

Wheeltek and TVS would like to thank the TODA participants in Calamba Laguna for their participation in the event
and look forward to having another future activity with them soon.

TVS Max4R : P45,990 Cash
125cc four stroke engine
Carburetor type – for power & economy
4 rear suspensions built in
Side car ready brackets & slots
Thick, comfortable & wide seat
Extra thick wheel spokes
Kick and electric start built in

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