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Suzuki Philippines Shines The Spotlight On Founder And CEO Of Wheeltek

Posted on: October 27, 2016

Suzuki Philippines shines the spotlight on Founder and CEO of Wheeltek Nationwide (Official) Motorsales Corporation, Dr. Reynaldo Odulio as he sets the Keynote for the 2016 Suzuki Dealers Convention and Awards Night.

Suzuki Philippines took the time to honor one dealer and long time business partner who started with selling 3 Suzuki Bikes and grew into one of the largest and influential motorcycle dealer and company in the country.

Founder and CEO of Wheeltek Motor Sales Corporation, Dr. Reynaldo Odulio, whom was also celebrating his birthday this evening, obliged to share some important lessons he learned from his humble beginnings and on to his march to building the Wheeltek Empire as it is today.

“Success for me is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.. though inspiration may only be 1% of the equation, without it you cannot perform and accomplish the other 99% ” – Dr. Reynaldo Odulio, PhD.

Dr. Odulio, Sr. is joined by top executives and family Mdm. Tessie O.L. Odulio, Raymond O.L. Odulio, Reynaldo O.L. Odulio, Jr., & Roscoe Odulio together with Suzuki Executives led by Suzuki President, Mr. Hiroshi Suzuki and General Manager Jun Bulot.


Article Credits: Driven2Ride PH