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RGutz – Wheeltek Racing Team Podiums at the FIM Asia Supermoto

Posted on: November 23, 2016
Raniel Resuello of the RGutz – Wheeltek Racing Team Fueled by Clean Fuel Powered By Kawasaki grabs second place at the Open Production Category

Wheeltek Motor Sales Corp. congratulates Raniel Resuello of the RGutz – Wheeltek Racing Team Fueled by Clean Fuel Powered By Kawasaki for finishing podium at the recently held FIM Asia Supermoto Championships at Clark Pampanga. Resuello finished the 6-lap race with 5 mins 56.8 secs while Kenneth San Andres clocked at 5 mins 39.8 secs at the Bayanihan Park that was transformed into a supermoto track with the imports saying that the race track was “quite technical”. Resuello in an interview, said that the experience was well worth it, stressing that this “supermoto excursion” will help the team prepare for next year’s racing season. When asked what his feelings are specially the fact that this is the first time the Philippines as a team competed for supermoto and with Asia’s best talents, Resuello replied “Kenneth’s (San Andres) and my time was not too far away from the other riders so I think if we continue this program we will have a good chance.” When I jokingly asked Raniel, the 2-time PSBK champion about having an “RGutz – Wheeltek Racing Supermoto Team, there was a little grin in his face and said “the bike is already prepared so if there are races we can compete, we will.”

Going airborne

Meanwhile, Aussie rider Andrew McLiesh took the podium for the Open International Category with crowd favorite Gabit Mohd Saleh of Malaysia taking the second place. When asked what can he say about the FIM Asia Philippine leg: “It was good fun, it was very demanding, very hot but we took the conditions and came away with two wins.” The imports were impressed with the amount of talent specially the heart that the Filipinos showed, considering that the supermoto scene is quite young here in the Philippines. “Yeah the talent was good all across its just who turns up on the weekend (practice) and all that but its good to say everything’s goin’ it’s good to see the crowd out here, so supermoto is good, it’s somewhere between flat track and motocross uhm road racing. It’s just in between. It’s more or less I think that gets you from motocross to road racing.” “It was a really good event, very technical, the track was tight but we made the most of it and got the lap times down.”

Andrew McLiesh doing some burnouts after winning the race

Malaysian rider and crowd favorite Gabit Mohd Saleh

Sathe Mayachandran of Asia Supersports Group, the authorized body for FIM in Asia, said in an interview that this historical event is to show people and sponsors what they can do and to get international events here in the Philippines, and hopes that next year they can start developing the supermoto scene here and do supermoto events in different areas in the Philippines and culminate it with an FIM Asia Supermoto event.