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Learn To Ride Antipolo City

Posted on: July 21, 2018

Learn To Ride Antipolo City
by Jan Carlo De Leon


The Resiliency of the Filipino Riders Filipinos are known for their resiliency. During extreme storms and floods, people from other countries raise their arms at arriving rescuers thankful to be rescued. Filipinos on the other hand raise their bottles to rescuers and invite them on their rooftop for a shot or two before being rescued. That is the Filipino spirit.

Wheeltek can relate this philosophy with our Learn To Ride Antipolo Class yesterday June 10, 2018 at the Ynares Center Antipolo. The Red Warning was raised over Metro Manila as Tropical Storm Domeng intensified the Habagat bringing heavy down pour all over the metro. Over 40 participants initially attended the morning classes – newbies and experienced riders faced floods and heavy rain along the way. Everyone was eager to learn and experience how to safely ride a motorcycle and be a better rider. Joey Strom Rivero, Head Coach for the Learn To Ride Program, said it was great that it was raining during the training so that participants would feel how it is really like to ride during heavy rains and what to do to keep themselves safe during such times.

All participants were given safety gears during the training and oriented on each kind of bike that was available for riding. A course was laid out for every stage of the training from beginner – on how to balance yourself and all the way to intermediate – on how to use bikes with clutch with some obstacles. Everyone completed the session and got their certificates signed by Joey Storm Rivero and Wheeltek.

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