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Kawasaki Wheeltek Bingo Bajaj Cabanatuan Year 12

Posted on: December 7, 2018

Kawasaki Wheeltek Bingo Bajaj Cabanatuan Year 12
By Jan Carlo De Leon

Being a Wheeltek Customer has a lot of perks and one of them is the Bingo Bajaj event. Every year, Kawasaki and Wheeltek holds this event on key selected areas like Nueva Ecija, Bulacan and Dagupan. Wheeltek customers with good payment history is entitled to Bingo Cards that they can use to play and get a chance to win a Kawasaki Bajaj CT100 and other minor prizes.

Last Dec 7, 2018, was one of the Kawasaki Wheeltek Bingo Bajaj at  Cabanatuan City, with more than 5,000 players attending the event. The event was graced with live performances from Jeric Gonzales, Jak Roberto and Andrea Torres and hosted by DJ Bobby who gave the audience a day to remember.

10 Kawasaki CT100B were the main prizes and a washing machine as 2nd prize. Every winner of the CT100B had their own story and considered their winning a blessing. Watching them react on stage was definitely a tear jerker that gave more meaning to the Wheeltek slogan “Your Key to a new Life”

Watch out for the next Bingo Bajaj coming to your area this coming Jan and Feb 2019.

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