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#LETSRIDENA is an advocacy campaign by Wheeltek Motor Sales Corporation with the help of its motorcycle manufacturer partners, media partners and celebrity friends that is geared towards helping the country’s commuters improve their lifestyle through practical approaches to transportation.

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Do you know how motorcycle riders talk? Watch this and listen to their own unique and funny way of describing the joy of riding.


We all make mistakes. But no one makes mistakes more entertaining than these guys. Watch and find out how famous people react to their own mishaps.

Ruru Madrid Interview

Ruru Madrid is a celebrity and first time rider who has discovered the joy and practicality of motorcycles especially in his line of work. Listen to what he has to say about his experience.

Learn To Ride In Candon Ilocos Sur

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The sun was high, and not a dark cloud in sight. The tarmac was hot and sticky. Perfect. It's the Wheeltek GP 5 at the Carmona Racing Circuit.